The freestyle tour is a wonderful experience for all ages you can deside your activities as we go, so any last minute decesions are all good to go, you can take the West side tour which will take you as fas a the midle of the island and then back to the west end section to relax at the west bay beach or the west end community beach and the east side tour will take you all the way to the est end town of oak ridge (Roatan little Venice) where you can enjoy the mangrove tunnel tour, experience the Garifuna Dance and culture and much more.

Our tour begins by picking you up at your Cruise Ship Port or Hotel in an nice AC vehicle with english Island Driver or guide, we will then head east of the Island were we will go into some of the comunities like Brick Bay, Los fuertes, French Key and learn lots about our culture and people on the east side of the Island.

Site seeing and pictures: we will take you up on the hill tops to oversee Roatan you can see the towns the beach and spectacular ocean views with the cruise ship in port.
· SHOPPING: we will take you were the native people shop, you can get the best souvenir, from little small hand made to a big mahogany door, chest or tables and as we go on the way there will be multiple souvenir stops so you can look around and buy if you like.
· CULTURE: we can take you in to our communities so you can spend time with our people, have lunch with us learn about our customs and traditions yo will be more than welcome, we can take you to see our Schools and Church, we can even take you to or local orphanage if you'll like.
we will visit coxen Hole(capital of the Island) were you can go buy stuff at the local super markets like, Vanilla, Local Hot Sauces, Honduras coffee and much more.

Visit  Barrio el Suampo the poorest community on the island were you will interact with kids at the Kairos streets kids soccer program and learn about this unique educational system for these kids, come and meet my family have some coffee.
after all the culture excitement stuff we will then take you to the beach West End or West Bay (see Beach and Snorkel Tour) We are more than flexible to change any of our activity on our agenda to adapt to any suggestions and accommodations to your need.

The tours generally cost $25 pp if with 4 or more if 2 people cost $40 pp and 3 people cost $30 pp this includes a full day tour and you can add on any activity from the make it up tour page an additional cost.
If you have kids under 5 years old the tour transportation service is free for the kids. (If you have a large group we give you a special group rate). 



All of our tours are private, means if you are a party of 2,3,4,5,6, etc you will be alone with your party in one vehicle so your driver/guide will be waiting for you even before the ship arrives so as fast as you can get to us your tour will begin, the quicker you get to us your tour will start.
if you have a special request hour that you would like us to pick you up, we understand when your on vacation sometimes you want to take it easy sleep more or any other hold back please let us know so we can wait for you on the time that you point to us, (local Island time) CST

Add ons activities can be choose as we go on the tour, the driver will make suggestions and you can decide if you want to or not.



US Number Text or call (713) 931-8987