Sponsor a child for a year with your 1 time donation of $75 per year this will buy books, school uniforms and all school supplies.

after your donation you will receive information about the Child you are sponsoring: Pictures,Bio and more.

we will keep in touch with you often and make sure you hear from your child on a regular bases, please let us know if you need more information on this program, you can choose from 6 years old up to 17 years kids or boys.

The Kairos Soccer and Educational Program is a Outreach program in a community called el Suampo the poorest of the Island of Roatan.
This program started in 2008 and has help over 100 underprivileged kids to go to school have fun with soccer and learn about the Bible.
This community has a lot of social problems that for years no one has ever cared or do anything to help. Steve Bush and family has open their home, resource, time and much more for the better care of these kids.
We have learn that these kids would do anything to play soccer, so using that motivation we have form 5 teams from 8 years all the way up to 17, they play soccer games on Saturday, so we check with all their teachers on Friday to see have they are doing in school if we have a bad report from the teachers, then that weekend they don’t get to play, and believe me they are going to do all what it takes the next week in school so they don’t be left out next game.
We have seen mayor improvement in these kids life’s we had 11 years old kids that never been to school before because of the resource and the commitment that no one provided, until we started this program and we are so proud and satisfied that every year they are bumping up to the next grade in school.
We provide backpacks with school supplies, school uniforms, school shoes and all that the kid need as far as resource to go to school.
We have a partner Church is Portland Oregon that provides us with all the material and curriculum for the bible lessons and we take them to Sunday school and Church once every month.
We also have Doctors and other professionals that volunteers to help with their services and also educating the kids on health and other important matters.


Please make sure you talk to the cruise ship staff a day or two before arriving to Roatan and let them know your bringing donation items,, this will avoid holdups the day you arrive and make it much easier and faster.
For School : pencils, books, backpacks, colors, rulers, spanish diccionaries, copybooks spring base, construction papers, coloring books, sharpeners, erasers and any other utensils for primary school, laptops, ipad, computers etc.
For Sport: cleats, soccer balls number 3,4 or 5, shinguards, pennies, ball pumps, jersies sets for 20 kids equal uniforms ( dont have to be new if everything are in good conditions we will give them good use)
Others: toothpaste and brush, hygiene kit (soap,shapoo,handwash etc), second hand cloths for kids and teenagers and any kinda of Toys

You can be a part of this Outreach donating resource or money to help, let’s make a huge difference in these kids life and make their dreams come thru your financial donations you can get a tax write off for more info check this out http://www.helpinghandsforroatan.org/ your help can be send thrue our US partners, when ever you cantact them please mention you want to help with the Kairos Kids in El Suampo Roatan Comunity.
To donate a Special Offering click on the link below, for any questions please email Steve the Director at the following email stevehonduras@gmail.com THANK YOU and GOD Bless You....