This is a perfect experience for all ages: Land and Sea this tour will take you on a nice Island Tour were you will see lots of communities and have time to shop, learn some of our culture and history, meet some local people and see the Real Roatan and the Touristic places on the Island we will take you on the hilltops for spectacular views and photos opportunities, you can add as much activities you like from the make it up tours section and add them as part of this island land tour.

after that we will head to the West End where you will board a 15 passenger speed boat for a nice tour around the cost side of the island, you will have the opportunity to see the mangrows, Dolphins (at the institute for marine sciences) beautiful homes on the sea side, star fishes and after that a nice swim in the water full snorkeling gear will be provided and you will explore the beauty of Roatan coral reef, you may see squids, sea turtles lots of schools of fishes and much much more marine life.

Our boats Captain will assign a guide to snorkel with you and he will assist you as needed and take you to see the best snorkeling spots.
This tour cost 1 or 2 person $150 and 3 or more $60 each

Includes: Tour guide, Island Tour, AC Vehicle, History, Culture, Photo stops, souvenir shopping (optional), Boat tour and Snorkeling, Snorkeling gear and guide, welcome Drink (Fruit or Rum punch)



All of our tours are private, means if you are a party of 2,3,4,5,6, etc you will be alone with your party in one vehicle so your driver/guide will be waiting for you even before the ship arrives so as fast as you can get to us your tour will begin, the quicker you get to us your tour will start.
if you have a special request hour that you would like us to pick you up, we understand when your on vacation sometimes you want to take it easy sleep more or any other hold back please let us know so we can wait for you on the time that you point to us, (local Island time) CST


US Number Text or call (713) 931-8987

Roatan  Land & Sea Tour