“How a private tour is supposed to be!”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed February 7, 2015

I was on a Royal Caribbean Cruise that went to Roatan, Honduras, Belize & Cozumel. Never been on a cruise before but liked that i could explore 3 great locations in one trip. Really it was the excursions and adventure that I was after. So before going I spent literally weeks learning about each area and all the possible things we could do. When I came across RT&T (Roatan Trips and Tours) I noticed that all the things I wanted to do could indeed all be done in one day and with one tour guide...how perfect! Steve Bush is the owner and was our guide. He was instrumental in why it was so memorable & seamless. On the RT&T website there's an option called "Make It Up Tour" which covered everything we wanted but then we did even more! Steve picked us up in a private car, and we were on our way with the windows down and the adventure beginning. We started out with the extreme zip lining which was 24 platforms (way bigger than the one in Belize). In fact, from the top of the mountain we could see our ship in the distance still unloading passengers while we had the whole place to ourselves. Our zip guides were awesome, encouraging us to try tricks & different dismounts, it was great, even my 10 year old was zipping upside down! At the end of it we got to play with white face monkeys (incl in the price). After that we went horseback riding through a little village area, up a mountain path, over some hills and back down to a short walk through the ocean. If you do this bring some giveaways and a bag of apples or something from the ship for the kids in the village. Seeing how they live and how they have nothing made feel ashamed of all the breakfast indulgences I was just previously enjoying on the ship. Anyway, after this we went to a nice resort in famous West Bay for snorkelling. It's a shared beach with other high end resorts so there is lots to see, do, eat, etc and free wifi. Steve by the way waits for you at each stop. You can leave all your valuables/stuff with him so you can bring your own gear, change of clothes, etc. and not have to worry about it or schlep it around. With a little time left Steve toured us around the uber cool West End, saw the dolphin area (i read they are free to come and go here...not captive in tiny pens as in Cozumel, etc), also saw the expat area, ate some fresh roadside almonds and managed to make it back in time without ever rushing. My only regret is that Steve couldn't have been our guide in the other cities!Visited January 2015

“Land and Sea”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed February 6, 2015NEW

We came to Roatan from a cruise on January 23, 2015. We booked the land and sea tour a week before we came and heard back from Steve shortly after. Jonathan, Steve's brother, met us right outside the port and took us on a tour of the island. He also arranged with Darwin and Oliver for the sea tour which was my favorite part of the trip though Jonathan did a fine job showing us around the island. Snorkeling in the blue channel was wonderful - Oliver guided us and showed us things that we may not have found on our own - including seeing a sea turtle. The coral reef is beautiful in Roatan. It was my second time snorkeling there and both times were amazing.

Oh & when you write a review - Steve wants it under Roatan Private Trips and ToursVisited January 2015

“Exactly as we requested”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed February 2, 2015

I e-mailed RT&T (Steve Bush) with some specific ideas about how our group of 4 would like to spend our day (island tour, stop at local grocery for coffee and hot sauce, snorkeling at Half Moon Bay, visit to an arboretum) and when our cruise ship would arrive. Steve responded within just a few minutes and indicated he could definitely take care of our group. After I filled out his form and made a deposit, he e-mailed a detailed (with photos) description of where to meet him. Steve and his brother Jonathan were waiting just where they said they'd be. Jonathan was our guide for the day. We enjoyed his commentary on the island and he was willing to answer any questions we had and believe me my teenage daughter had a lot of questions. Jonathan is a great ambassador for the island and seems to know everyone. He helped us navigate the grocery store and gift shops but was ready to move to the next spot whenever we were. At the end of the day he returned us to the ship promptly. We all thoroughly enjoyed Roatan and hope to return again soon. I would definitely use RT&T again.Visited January 2015

“Good value”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed February 2, 2015NEW

Steve gave us a good insight into life in Roatan, and perfectly combined a learning/beach experience for our party of 6. We booked prior to our cruise ship landing and all his communications were clear and turned out to be extremely reliable. Highly recommended.Visited January 2015

“Worth it!!”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed January 28, 2015

I will admit - I was a little nervous about going out on our own - yet I am so glad w did. My husband and I were traveling on a cruise ship and had arranged for a "make it up" tour. Steve was responsive and helpful right from my first email. On arrival we were met promptly by our guide Angel and he lived up to his name. He took us all over the island and we saw lovely vistas and got a real sense of the people and the island. Best of all was Angel's enthusiasm in sharing information about his home and his culture. He shared great information (including lots of personal stories/history) and his pride for Roatan was evident. Please do not hesitate if considering this tour company!Visited January 2015

“Make It Up Tour 1/20/2015”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed January 26, 2015

We arranged a Make It Up Tour through the Roatan Trips & Tours website. Steve immediately called and emailed instructions and a confirmation. We originally reserve a tour for 2 but at the last minute our adult son wanted to join us, which was fine with Steve. We met his son, Joshua, and our driver at the agreed upon spot, outside the cruise ship terminal. Although we had originally planned to visit the West side of Roatan, just before the trip we read about the Garifuna towns on the East side. We asked to be taken there so we could get away from the crowds and try some of the local, authentic cuisine. We had an amazing lunch of freshly prepared Machuca in the village of Punta Gorda. After that we went to Foster's in West Bay. The 3 of us took a ride on the Coral Reef Explorer and were the only passengers on board. After that we explored the area, and then had some delicious key lime pie and drinks while relaxing on Foster's patio. Joshua had many additional suggestions for activities, but we were happy to rest and talk and enjoy the the perfect weather. The whole day was memorable thanks to Josh and Steve.
Visited January 2015

“Amazing Tour”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed January 24, 2015

We were staying on the island and booked a tour with Steve because we wanted to see the culture of Roatan. He picked us up from our resort in a nice vehicle and we started our tour with his explanation of the origins of the people of the Island. It was very informative and helped us understand the different cultures of the people that we had met in the days prior to our tour. As we traveled through the island he continued to paint the cultural picture of the people who live in the various regions. He added some subtle jokes to his vast knowledge of the island (make sure you ask how they catch iguanas - they don't taste like chicken). He stopped at a few key places around the island including some shopping and amazing views. One of the stops was to his house which he has graciously opened up to the young boys in the neighborhood. A portion of his tour fees goes towards helping these young boys and his commitment to helping them is amazing. We had booked the ATV tour and he got us to the location timely, waited for us and was there to pick us up promptly when we were done. We continued our tour and he took us to a great local restaurant (with a fabulous view to compliment the food). He even stopped at the grocery store for us on the way back to our house. I could go on and on but the bottom line is that this tour can be whatever you want it to be and Steve is so amazingly prompt at answering questions, you can start planning before you go. They are knowledgeable about the island and so flexible that you could change the tour as you go. Steve has a team of family and young men who are in his program who love the island and it shows. This would be the perfect tour for a cruise because it is private and they will take you to places that most people would never see on a "typical" excursion and they have so much pride and integrity in what they do I know that they would get you back in time. I know we all left the island and all had a great understanding of the island, its people, its culture and its history because of this tour.Visited January 2015

“Zip lining and beach adventure”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed January 24, 2015

I loved our Extreme Extreme zip line adventure -- I later learned that the 'best' one is from Pirates of the Carribean -- and although it felt a little sketchy at times for us (2 pretty young American girls) we had a fantastic time. Booking w Steve meant my travel companion and I got to zip on our own (2 of us and 2 guides). I thought I'd feel sad for the monkey potion (holding baby capuchin monkey babies) it was amazing. They're very well taken care of and clearly had just had baths. Soooo adorable and the photos of them are hilarious. 

We finished zip lining quickly (since it was just the two of us) and then were taken to a gorgeous beach. Of all the stops on our cruise (Coxen Hole, Belize City, and Cozumel) we liked Coxen Hole/Honduras the very best. We will definitely return to that fun and vibrant beach! 

Steve, his sons, and another gentleman (an American that met us at the cruise dock) were all very nice. 

The bonuses of our trip were the rum/fruit punch at Steve's home and the trip up to an overlook which was spectacular and offered great views of the airport and our cruise ship. Definitely ask to see it if you want a unique view that no one else on your ship will see :)

My only comment (More like an FYI) is that the trip to Steve's home to look at photos and trophies of the kids he sponsors in his religious outreach and the follow up email which also mentions them can feel a little bit like a Save the Children or SPCA commercial. It's not pushy, offensive, or overly religious - but it does feel like donations would be very appreciated. 

Steve is always quick to reply to emails and everyone was very friendly. I would definitely recommend them! He also quickly, and at his own expense, arranged a taxi for us when the tour vehicle had a minor issue so that our shore excursion wasn't delayed or impacted.The taxi came within 2 minutes (seriously - I've never seen a taxi show up that quickly in my life!) 

Remember to print out the directions from the boat to where the guide will meet you! We forgot and then the Internet on the ship wouldn't connect to the roatantripsandtours website.Visited January 2015

“Christmas Day Tour”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed January 22, 2015

We had such a wonderful time. From the prompt answers of my questions from Steve when we were booking the all day tour to our driver, Eric - everything was absolutely perfect. We spent Christmas day with Eric and he drove us to some great sites - a wonderful local restaurant where the fish was so fresh and delicious and to meet some of the locals who are so nice and welcoming. We also got to go to the monkey and butterfly farm where Jose gave us a tour and was so informative about the animals there. By the time our tour was over we felt like we had made a dear friend for life and cannot wait to return to Roatan Island. This was definitely our best day during our cruise and it was because of the professionalism and friendliness of Steve and Eric. One of the must do's on this tour is to go to visit with the children and hand out candy. That was the most humbling and exciting part of our day. The kids were so excited to get the candy canes we brought. Their smiles brightened our day and made this most memorable Christmas for my family. Thank you Steve and Eric!! We can't wait to see you again one day.Visited December 2014


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